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Be picky when it comes to your dental routine

Interdental picks

While flossing is suggested by Dentists as an important part of your daily at-home oral health care routine, and should be done twice a day, flossing is, well…. fussy. Sometimes it’s hard to manage to get the floss between the back teeth, sometimes you can even damage your gums if you use too much force trying to squeeze the floss in between your teeth, and it’s messy.

For children, flossing is usually a bit of a flop.  

But in recent years Interdental picks and brushes have made cleaning between the teeth easier.

Get picky

The great thing about interdental picks, is that they can be used as part of your daily routine, and are recommended if you wear braces, or have large gaps between your teeth. They can also be used as an alternative to a toothpick, when you need to dislodge something caught between your teeth. 

Because they’re softer than a wooden or plastic toothpick, come in a range of sizes, designed with a little flexibility, they’re easier to maneuver in your mouth. They can also be used several times, and won’t break like a wooden toothpick, which when it does can make matters worse, by leaving a splinter in between your teeth.

Hassle free, and highly effective, interdental picks are a great addition to your teeth cleaning tool-kit, either at home, or on the go!

They are perfect when out and about, and when you’ve always got a pack handy, there’s no need to put up with the irritating sensation of having something like a corn kernel or a nut seed caught in your teeth.

More effective than flossing

And they’re highly effective: A Swedish study involving 1,000 dentists and dental hygienists and their patients found that interdental tools removed 83% of plaque. By comparison, dental floss removed just 73%.

Because they’re also easy to use, you can be assured that doing so won’t add much time to your twice-daily at home routine.

Even if you have good oral health, and a solid at-home routine, by including interdental tools you can be assured that:

  • You’re more effectively cleaning your teeth and gums
  • You’re massaging and strengthening gums to increase blood circulation, which helps to make your gums more resistant to disease.
  • You’ll be able to thoroughly clean around implants, bridges, crowns and metal fillings.

What makes Dentagenie Interdental Picks different?

While there are several brands available, you will find that Dentagenie offers exceptional value with more picks in each pack.

The rubber coating is soft and comfortable on the gums and the non-slip grip gives you better control.

And when you buy Dentagenie, you will receive a free carry case, so you can take the picks with you anywhere. What’s more, you can order Dentagenie interdental picks online, and have them delivered straight to your door! What’s more, for every packet of Dentagenie Interdental Picks sold, The Smile Boutique will donate 20 cents to Youngcare, and that’s something that makes us grin from ear to ear!