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Christmas stocking fillers that will make everyone smile

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If you’re big on giving surprises, then we have some great stocking filler gift ideas for you this Christmas! And, we guarantee they’ll make everybody smile.

Bright white teeth are the latest fashion accessory, not just amongst the younger generations either. For those of us who are, shall we say, ‘a little longer in the tooth’, brighter teeth can actually help to make us look healthier … and younger!

The great thing is that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, while you’re scrolling through social media or watching telly! 

Dentagenie Professional Whitening Strips are amongst the best whitening products on the market for a few reasons: they are simple to use, reasonably priced at around $25 per pack, and really effective.

Dentagenie Whitening Strips are mouldable plastic strips which contain the whitening gel. The premium strength formula has 6% hydrogen peroxide and because the strips are already pre-coated in the ideal amount of formula to achieve safe and effective results, all you have to do is put them onto your teeth … and put your feet up.

By applying the strips once or twice a day, you’ll see results very quickly – definitely in time to flash your pearly whites in all those New Year’s party pics!

Dentagenie Professional Whitening Strips are also a great ‘maintenance’ product for anyone who does have their teeth professionally whitened to use in between visits.

Other great Christmas stocking fillers include interdental picks and interdental brushes. This is, afterall, the festive time of year and that means food, food, glorious food … but food can get stuck in between your teeth and when you have that uncomfortable feeling, well, it can put a damper on all the fun.

Dentagine Interdental Picks

Dentagine Interdental Picks are a great alternative to wooden toothpicks and come in handy carry packs, perfect for your pocket or your purse. This means you can immediately deal with any annoyances as soon as they arise. One size fits all, and because they’re specially designed, with input from dental professionals, Dentagenie Interdental Picks are sturdy, with a stable grip and easy to use. What’s more, after just a quick rinse under the tap, they can be used again several times over!

We all know the importance of dental care, particularly cleaning between teeth. Interdental Picks have, in some studies, actually been proven to be more effective than dental floss. They’re definitely easier to use than floss, particularly for anyone with large fingers, arthritis or other hand mobility problems. Because of their size and dexterity, they are ideal for cleaning around braces or bridges, as well as crowns, implants and metal fillings.

The smooth rubber coating is gentle on gums. The non-slip grip also means that you have more control over the tools. So why not make them a stocking filler for the whole family? They’re certainly more practical than many other little gifts, and they won’t end up in landfill, or turn into extra kilos that can become hard to shift in the New Year.

Dentagenie Interdental brushes

The Dentagenie range also includes Interdental Brushes. These are often recommended by dentists as an add-on to your at-home brushing routine because they’re especially designed for cleaning between teeth and right at the back of the mouth – where ordinary brushes can’t necessarily reach.

Just an extra minute or so of cleaning with an interdental brush before you clean your teeth with a regular brush will boost your dental hygiene. Many studies have proven that interdental brushes help to remove plaque and increase blood circulation which keeps gums strong and healthy, and resistant to gum disease. 

The best bit? Kids really seem to like them because they’re so easy to use.  

Like the Dentagenie Interdental Picks, the brushes are sturdy and can be used more than once. Size does matter though, so make sure you choose a brush that fits firmly between your teeth, but which doesn’t harm your gums. You should be able to slide the brush relatively easily up and down.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

What’s more … both Dentagenie interdental brushes and picks are gifts that keep on giving. For every packet of Dentagenie Interdental Picks or Brushes sold, The Smile Boutique will donate 20 cents to Youngcare. You can order online … but don’t wait too long, especially if you need them delivered by Christmas. And don’t forget to consider the option of taking up a subscription, which means that you’ll get your order delivered regularly throughout the year, without having to worry about it. As a subscriber, you’ll receive 20% off the recommended retail price and get one month’s supply free.