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Dentagenie interdental brushes

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One way you can boost the results of your at-home self-care routine and brighten your smile, is with Dentagenie Interdental Brushes.

Interdental brushes have been around since the 1980s, and have traditionally been recommended by dentists and periodontists (gum specialists) for people with severe gingivitis or periodontitis, or wide gaps in their teeth, which flossing really doesn’t help.

Research puts brushing ahead of flossing

But over time, research has proven that these little brushes are packed with power. In fact, some studies suggest they are more effective than flossing, so over the past several years, interdental brushes have made their way into the mainstream.

This is great news! Because interdental brushes can completely ‘level up’ your at-home self-care dental hygiene routine, in just an extra minute or two each day.

Discover the benefits of interdental brushes

Because they are specifically designed to clean between teeth to remove food that’s lodged in places regular brushing just won’t reach, interdental brushes are very effective in cleaning and helping to remove plaque – the number one cause of gum diseases, bad breath and cavities.

While ‘normal brushes’ help you to clean the front, back and top of your teeth, these brushes help you to clean the sides and massage your gums, which helps to increase blood circulation and keep gums strong and healthy. 

Interdental brushes are also perfect for cleaning around bridges and braces, and for getting right to the back teeth, a spot that’s often hard to reach with a normal-sized toothbrush.

Kids love them!

Children find them really easy to use. For people with large hands and fingers, or hand mobility issues, they are much easier to work in between the teeth than dental floss.

Essentially, all of this means that when you brush normally and use an interdental brush twice a day, then you’re really looking after your teeth and gums as best you can in between regular dental check ups.

To find the right size, ask your dentist, or try them out. Because the gaps between your teeth may vary, you might end up using more than one size, and that’s perfectly normal.

You need to choose a size that fits comfortably between your teeth, without being forced, so you don’t damage the enamel or the gums. And to use, maneuver the brush up and down several times between the teeth. There is no need for toothpaste unless it has been recommended by your dentist.

For people with sensitive teeth, who use a special toothpaste to relieve sensitivity, then it is possible to use interdental brushes along with the toothpaste to fully coat the sides of the teeth, if that’s where the problem lies.

Why choose Dentagenie Interdental Brushes?

There are a few brands of interdental brushes on the market, but Dentagenie Interdental Brushes are consistently ranked by consumers as one of the best.

Why? Quite simply because they’re a quality product, priced for value.

You can use Dentagenie Interdental brushes many times before they need replacing, and they don’t break easily.

Dentagenie Interdental brushes are also available in a wide range of sizes so you will find one that suits your teeth, and come in a handy carry pack, so there’s no mix-ups in the bathroom drawer, and you can always have a couple on standby: in your purse, drawer, car, or pocket.

Make a donation every time you buy

But do you want to know the best bit about choosing Dentagenie Interdental Brushes? 

For every packet sold, we donate 20 cents to Youngcare, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to ensure that young people with high care needs have access to adequate housing and the support they need to live as independently as possible within the community.

And being able to support such a worthy cause, while ensuring you’re looking after your teeth and gums is something that makes us smile.