Pain, Teeth

Going on holiday? Don’t leave home without these ….


Let’s face it, nothing ruins a holiday more than toothache. Especially if you can’t get to a dentist straight away. So don’t forget to pack some of these essentials, in case of a dental emergency.

Relief on the road

When Wendy and John were on the road last year driving the popular Darling River Run in remote Western New South Wales, they’d just pulled into Silverton a very small town with a population of about 40, but a reputation for beautiful landscapes and scenery, when Wendy bit into a piece of peanut brittle and along with it, crumbled a filling.

“We’d bought some beautiful home-made sweets on the road, and I love peanut brittle …I crunched into it … and uh oh. I knew immediately I’d broken an old filling,” she says.

It was already late in the afternoon, and as all good Aussie road trippers know, the wildlife comes out after dark, and you run the risk of hitting a roo or a wallaby or a wombat if you’re out late driving. Wendy and Dan were tired anyway, and so driving to Bourke – the nearest town and 25 kilometres away wasn’t an option until at least morning.

After they’d set up the motorhome for the night, Wendy inspected her tooth. Half the filling was gone, and the hole it had left behind was starting to ache.

Dental first-aid

Thankfully they had Dentafix Temporary Filling on board, and Wendy was able to repair the cavity, take some pain relief capsules and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

“The Dentafix held for two days until I was able to get to a dentist. It turns out that Bourke only has one dentist who couldn’t see me, so we made an appointment the following day for Brewarrina, which is about a seven or eight hour drive … We were heading in that direction anyway.

“Without the Dentafix, I would have been really uncomfortable, but it held up well, and our trip wasn’t interrupted in any way. Although I did have to stay away from the peanut brittle! I’m just really glad we had it with us. I always carry it now, and we’ve got some in the bathroom cabinet at home, too. because you just never know!”

It’s important to remember that these treatments are temporary, and you should always read the instructions carefully. If you have problems with your teeth you should see a dental professional as soon as possible because while you might be able to use a DIY treatment for a day or two, a proper diagnosis is essential so any problems can be treated effectively.

‘DIY’ temporary repair

Thanks to amazing advances in technology over the past few years, there are now two specialist products available which allow you to administer your own dental first aid.

These treatments are temporary fixes only, and it is recommended that you get to a dentist as soon as possible, but they’re each designed to keep you comfortable until you can, to keep the pain and the swelling under control so you don’t have to suffer.

Dentafix Temporary Cap Repair

Dentafix Temporary Cap Repair Material is a ready-to-use temporary cement which re-fixes dental crowns, inlays and bridges. It’s not glue, it’s actually a cement compound that will set when it comes into contact with water or saliva. Easy-to-use, it doesn’t irritate gums and it is designed so that your dentist can easily remove it when the time comes.

Dentafix Temporary Filling

Dentafix Temporary Filling Material is similar to cap repair, it’s a sealant that will temporarily cover the cavity in your tooth, giving you relief from any nerve exposure, which is usually what causes pain, as well as ensuring that the cavity won’t get worse. It’s also a non-irritant and will set on exposure to the mouth’s natural saliva, and your dentist will be able to easily remove it during your appointment.    Make sure you grab these Dentafix treatments online, at The Smile Boutique. They’re not expensive, and they’re super handy to have in your suitcase, just in case.