High-level virus protection for you and your family

Young lady wearing a face mask

Now that we’re all learning to live with Covid-19, it’s guaranteed that from time-to-time, we are going to need to cope with the reality of virus outbreaks, hotspots, and clusters. MGUARD products from The Smile Boutique offer a high level of protection for you and your family.

We’ve introduced face masks, face protection shields, and hand sanitiser to The Smile Boutique range as part of our commitment to your health and wellbeing.

The best protection for the whole family

It’s become pretty obvious in the past several months that we’re all going to be dealing with Covid for quite some time yet. That means, that there will be critical times when we want to protect ourselves and our families.

You can now purchase masks from us that have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and meet all the compliance criteria for keeping you as safe as possible from Covid when you’re out and about, shopping, catching up with friends, or going to the movies.

These have a Barrier Level Two protection, they’re fluid-resistant and a three-ply layer. They are also made from a material that has submicron filtration which means they’re one of the best face masks available on the market. These masks are normally sold to dental & hospital professionals but because of the new threat to us all, they are now available to the public.

One size masks, adjustable for adults and children

The other bonus is that although the single-use masks are one size, the clever design makes them adaptable to different face shapes. If you have a family, then these will be suitable for both the adults and the children.

They’re ideal for sensitive skin and because the ear loops are sonically bonded, there are no staples, glue, or pinholes.

Available in a box of 50, you can purchase and leave them in a handy place at home or in the car and use them when the need arises. In recent times State Governments have made face masks mandatory for periods of time, and they will likely do so again. This is because while a mask isn’t a guarantee of 100% protection, research does prove that it will actually reduce the rate of infection.

Face Shields for added protection

We also stock the MGuard Face Shield with foam headband and elastic straps for full protection and coverage. While this is probably not necessary for generally healthy adults and children, it can offer more protection and peace of mind for anyone who has an underlying illness or immunity problem and wants extra protection.

It’s also ideal for anyone who works in health and beauty services and, as a nature of the work, is in close contact with customers – this would include hairdressers and beauty therapists, or nail technicians.

Designed for full protection, the shield covers the full-face area from the top of the eyebrow to the neck or upper shoulders. It protects the eyes and face from saliva, droplets, sprays, splatters, as well as ultraviolet rays, wind, pollen, aerosols, and flying debris.

It’s latex-free and the other benefit is that it has an anti-fog coating. It’s also designed to sit far enough away from the face so that you can still wear glasses or goggles if you need to.

Hand sanitisers that are kind on your skin

And finally, the third item in the new MGUARD range is hand sanitiser, which kills 99.9 percent of germs and includes aloe vera which can stop the skin from drying out. Sanitising products need to contain alcohol to be effective, but when used constantly they can irritate the skin and cause dryness. The aloe vera component actually stops the skin from drying out. Research suggests that Aloe Vera can reach three epidermal layers of the skin, providing your skin with nutrients while locking in moisture.

The full range is available on our website and can be ordered online, with delivery to your door. For more information, contact us.