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Go Cleaner & Greener

Go2 Dentagenie is Australian-owned, and it’s environmentally friendly range that delivers clinically better options are now available. The EARTH LOVIN’ oral care range includes interdental floss picks, sticks, brushes, and disposable tongue cleaners, at an affordable price for the whole family.
Go2 Dentagenie transforms oral hygiene from a daily chore to a super easy part of your day that leaves you smiling. For example, the unique design of the FLOSSPYXTM, exemplifies care and innovation. The longer and stronger floss allows for a better clean and prevents breaking; the head is perfectly angled so that you can easily access the front and back teeth; the large handle is easy to hold and control, and there is a safe fold-back pick so that you can massage your gums. There is even a berry flavoured option for children to get them flossing, without the nagging.
It is not just how they are made that makes them so different, it’s what they’re made of. Go2 Dentagenie products and packaging are made from a proprietary blend of corn starch and plastic, or recycled materials and paper is used for the packaging. This range has been verified and certified for its contribution to sustainability and for providing an alternative to plastic products.
While normally such premium products come with a high price tag, Go2 dentagenie is affordable, providing value for the whole family.

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